Lord’s Day Services – 17th March

11am             Rev. Mark A. Macleod (Communion Service)

6pm              Rev. Mark A. Macleod

The Sacrament of the Lords Supper will be dispensed in the congregation at the close of the morning service.



There is a crèche facility available for parents/carers with children. There are helpers on rota if you wish to leave your child with them. Alternatively, you can listen to the service from there.


This Week: Mairi Smith & Chrisanna Macdonald

Next Week: Cathy Mary Finlayson  & Cathy Ann Macmillan


Sunday School

The Sunday School meets today during the morning service. The Children will go their classes during the second singing.


Congregational Fellowship

There is a congregational fellowship after the evening service at which Rev. Mark A Macleod will share a word of testimony. Everyone is warmly invited to come along. Donations of baking would be greatly appreciated.


This Week


Communion Thanksgiving Service

11.30am                Rev. Hugh A. Ferrier


Bible Study: The Holy Spirit

The Bible Study on The Holy Spirit will NOT meeting this week, but will resume next Tuesday evening in the manse.


Prayer & Bible Study

The midweek meeting is on every Wednesday evening in the Church Hall at 7.30pm. This week we are continuing our study on the Person and Work of the Holy Spirit. Please make this meeting a priority in your week.


Little Rainbows Toddler Group

Little Rainbows meets on Thursday in the Church Hall @ 10am – 12pm. The toddler group is open everyone in the community who wishes to come along for a tea or coffee and meet other parents, in a fun, safe, environment for their children.


Kirk Session

The Kirk Session will constitute at 10.45am next Lord’s Day and will be willing to meet with anyone in the congregation who has a concern about the life or doctrine of the following:


Mr Kenneth John Macleod                      Monard, Lower Barvas

Mr David Macmillan                                  17 Arnol

Mr Alexander Murray                               Alabhair, 52 Lower Barvas

Mr Murdo Nicolson                                   28 Borve


Lord’s Day Services – 24th March

11am           Rev. Murdo M. Campbell (Ordination Service)

6pm           Rev. Murdo M. Campbell

God willing, at the close of the morning service next Lord’s Day, we will be ordaining four men in the congregation to the Office of Deacon.


Youth Fellowship

The YF will meet in the manse next Lord’s Day after the evening service. All young people warmly invited.


Other Notices


Creche Rotas

Updated Creche Rotas are available for collection in the foyer.


POV – Congregational Questionnaire

Could all Congregational Questionnaires please be returned as soon as possible.


Congregational Meeting – POV

There will be a Congregational Meeting on Wednesday 27th March in the Church Hall at 7.30pm.  The purpose of the meeting is for the Presbytery Oversight Committee (POV) to meet with the congregation. A good attendance for this meeting is encouraged.



Let us take heed to ourselves in the matter of the Lord’s Supper. On the one hand, we are not to be content with staying away from the Lord’s Table under the vague plea of unfitness. As long as we so stay away, we are disobeying a plain command of Christ, and are living in sin. But, on the other hand, we are not to go to the Lord’s Table as a mere form, and without thought. As long as we receive the sacrament in that state of mind, we derive no good from it, and are guilty of a great transgression. It is a dreadful thing to be unfit for the sacrament, for this is to be unfit to die. It is a no less dreadful thing to receive it unworthily, for this is most provoking to God. The only safe course is to be a decided servant of Christ, and to live the life of faith in Him. Then we may draw near with boldness, and take the sacrament to our comfort.

J. C. Ryle